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Please Submit by Nov 30!

Current Theme

Issue #1: Our City

Please submit by: Wednesday, 30 November, 2022

Parts Per Million is looking for submissions for our first themed issue, ‘Our City’. How are the five boroughs of NYC affected by, and dealing with, climate change? What do you see, or not see, happening locally to combat it? What has your personal response been to that? Have you found ways to channel your concern into action? Are there examples of resilience or progress that give you hope?

Submissions can be of original work in any medium! We encourage a limit of 3,000 words for written submissions, and a maximum length of 5 minutes for audio or video. Please send all submissions to by November 30, 2022, with your full name, pronouns, and title of piece. We will review all submissions and respond within two weeks of the deadline. If you have any questions please feel free to send an email.

Thank you so much for your interest!

Submission Guidelines

Parts Per Million welcomes submissions for publication. Our online platform enables us to entertain creative expression in any medium that can go on a website. We look forward to seeing your creative muscles at work!

Please email your submissions to

350Brooklyn, the parent organization of this online magazine, has a commitment to the climate movement and being an antiracist and inclusive organization. So too does Parts Per Million. Positive language, respect, and inclusion are welcomed; hate speech, denial of climate change, and discriminatory language will not be tolerated.

The organizing volunteers of this publication reserve the right to post submissions when we see fit, to fact-check information within submissions, and to deny publication of a submission, should it contradict the organization’s mission and values.